• Tutorial Checklist

    -September 2019-


    Below is a list of tutorials from the GCN website that the must be completed by Monday, September 16, 2019. They fulfill many of New Jersey’s mandated inservice topics for teachers and school staff members.

    When you have completed all five of tutorials listed below, please print out two copies of your certificate. On the screen that shows the list of tutorials available to you, just use the “Print Your Certificate” button under the User Account (blue) section.


    Please turn one copy of the certificate in to your building secretary and keep the other with your yellow professional development card so you get credit toward this year’s 20 hours of required pd.



    Affirmative Action – NJ (24 min.)

    Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Awareness - NJ (12 min.)

    Asthma (18 min.)

    Bloodborne Pathogens (20 min.)

    Child Abuse – NJ (20 min.)


    If you encounter any issues in completing the tutorials above, please contact Tami Hass (thass@htsd.us) as soon as possible. 

    If you have questions about the yellow card, professional development hours, or the certificate, please contact Liz Mennig (x1108 or lmennig@htsd.us).



    Go to the following link: https://site.gcntraining.com/

    1. Click on “Login to View Training” (green box)
    2. On the next screen enter in HT’s Organization ID number, which is 35420.
    3. On the following screen enter in your user ID, which is your first initial followed by the first four letters in your last name
      1. Example: John Smith would use jsmit
      2. If your last name has only three letters then add the number one at the end, so Mary Day would use mday1
      3. If you share a last name with another staff member, please contact Tami Hass (thass@htsd.us) asap for your user ID
      4. If you go by a first name other than your formal first name that starts with a different letter, please contact Tami Hass (thass@htsd.us) asap for your user ID
      5. If you encounter any issues in logging in, please contact Tami Hass (thass@htsd.us) asap.
    4. Select your tutorial by clicking the green “ Start” button next to it and follow the directions on the screen.
    5. Begin watching the slide show and follow all directions. Note: you will have to click the “Next Slide” button on the lower right hand portion of the slide screen to continue the slide show.