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    The HTHS Social Studies Department is passionate about exploring the past, present, and future of societies across the globe. From the Renaissance to modern geopolitics, we offer diverse courses inviting students to uncover humanity's stories and understand the forces that shape our world.

    At the heart of our department's mission is the belief that studying social sciences is not just about memorizing facts but about fostering a deeper understanding of the human experience. Through thought-provoking discussions, hands-on projects, and immersive learning experiences, we inspire our students to become informed, compassionate, and responsible citizens who can positively impact society.

    Whether you're fascinated by finances, history, politics, or sociology, our Social Studies Department provides a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment where you can explore your interests, challenge your assumptions, and develop the skills you need to be an informed and active participant in today's interconnected world.

    Social Studies Teachers:
    Dana Aaron
    Ryann Burke
    RJ Dusak
    AP Government, Financial Literacy, Modern World
    Marilyn McCabe
    Ross Silverberg
    American Government, Financial Literacy, USI
    Phil Tarricone
    American Government, Financial Literacy, Modern World
    Tyler Tomashek
    AP US History, Sociology, USII
    Paul Turkot
    Parallels, USII

    What's Going On in the Social Studies Department