Courses Offered

    Levels: CP, Lab Advanced, AP
    Instructors: Mr. Basile, Ms. Frasco, Ms. Russell, Ms. Ryan


    Levels: CP, Lab Advanced, Honors, AP
    Instructors: Ms. Campbell, Ms. Sparrow

    Levels: Lab Advanced, AP
    Instructor: Ms. Garcia-Gordon
    Conceptual Physical Science (CPS)
    Instructor: Ms. Garcia-Gordon, Ms. Sparrow

    Anatomy & Physiology
    Levels: CP, Advanced
    Instructors: Mr. Basile, Ms. Russell

    Environmental Science
    Levels: CP, AP
    Instructor: Ms. Ryan
    Marine Biology
    Instructor: Ms. Ryan
    What's Going On in the Classroom? 
    Environmental Science

    Students in Mrs. Ryan's AP Environmental Science simulated a land mining operation using cookies.

    mining(1)   mining(2)


    Students in Mrs. Ryan's Environmental Science classes investigated the effects of an oil spill in this awesome lab activity!




    Students in Mr. Basile's Biology class completed some engineering challenges before winter break.

    engineering(1)  engineering(2)


    Students in Ms. Russell's Biology class conducted an experiment of acid rain in Newton Lake. 



    Mrs. Ryan's Lab Biology students were engaged in a "hands-on" activity modeling enzyme function.



    Ms. Sparrow's Chemistry class performed an acid-base titration using burettes and phenolphthalein indicator. 



    Ms. Campbell's Chemistry class examined the activity of oxidation and reduction of different metals.

    activity series(1)

    Ms. Sparrow's Chemistry class used vacuum filtration to efficiently separate a solid precipitate.

    vacuum filter(1)


    Ms. Sparrow's AP Chemistry class made a rainbow of solutions using Le Chatelier’s Principle!

    rainbow (1)


    Ms. Garcia-Gordon's Lab Physics Advanced class participates in monthly engineering challenges. In December, they were asked to build bridges using only pennies.