Courses Offered

    Levels: Applied, Lab, AP
    Instructors: Mrs. Frasco, Ms. Russell, Mrs. Ryan, Mr. Basile


    Levels: Applied, Lab, Honors, AP
    Instructors: Ms. Johnson, Mr. Stelling, Mr. Basile, Ms. Garcia-Gordon

    Levels: Applied, Lab
    Instructor: Ms. Garcia-Gordon, Mr. Wright

    Anatomy & Physiology
    Instructors: Ms. Russell, Mr. Basile

    Environmental Science
    Instructor: Mrs. Ryan

    Science Students!
    Do you need extra help with science?
    Do you have to make up assignments?
    Get the help you need on B Day (Periods 7 and 9)
    Period 7 Availability
    Mr. Farnham (Biology)
    Ms. Garcia-Gordon (Physics, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Biology)
    Mr. Stelling (Chemistry and Physics)
    Period 9 Availability
    Mr. Basile (Biology, Chemistry, and Physiology)
    Ms. Johnson (Chemistry and Physics)
    Ms. Ryan (Biology and Environmental Science)
    Mr. Wright (Physics)

    Ask your science teacher for a pass and more information.

    Congratulations to Mrs. Ryan's 2018 - 2019 Environmental Science Classes for placing 3rd in this year's Albert M. Greenfield UNLESS Contest at the Philadelphia Zoo!
    2019 HTHS Chemistry Olympiad Team
    (Carly Henning, Clare Fleming, Kyler Ford, Micaela Murphy, Sebastian Muscarnero-Fanelli, Matt Conway, Jack Tully, Dylan Sykes and in front Amanda Baliban and Zachary Weachter. Conor Sheehan not pictured (he had to leave early).
    chem olympiad
    What's Going On in the Labs?


    Ms. Ryan's Lab Biology students were engaged in a "hands-on" activity modeling enzyme function.


    Students in Mr. Basile's Lab Biology class are measuring results from an experiment they designed themselves! 


    Students in Ms. Russell's Lab Biology class analyzing results for glucose in their macromolecules lab!



    Students in our Chemistry classes performed a single replacement reaction, purified their product, and calculated their percent yield. 

     iron nail lab1


    Mr. Basile's Applied Chemistry students determined the specific heat of unknown metals in a calorimetry lab.  


     Mr. Stelling's Honors Chemistry class conducted a station lab investigating intermolecular forces.
    IMF1 IMF2

    IMF3  IMF4

    Ms. Johnson's Applied Chemistry class studied the law of conservation of matter by performing experiments in an open system and a closed system and comparing the change in mass.


    Ms. Garcia-Gordon's Applied Chemistry class performed a super saturation lab with a holiday twist.  



    Mr. Basile's Applied Chemistry students modeled molecular geometry based on VSEPR using balloons.

     VSEPR(1) VSEPR(2)


    Ms. Garcia-Gordon's Honors Physics class participates in monthly engineering challenges. In December, they were asked to build bridges using only pennies. 


     Students in Mr. Basile's Physiology class diagnose patients and identify organ systems affected in a "A Day at the Clinic"