• Please use GOOGLE CLASSROOM for all assignments, upcoming announcements, etc...


    Physical Education MP 4 Student Google Classroom for students on

    Full Remote status or temporary Full Remote status.

    Period 1         t76gerl  Mr. McCutcheon     WMcCutcheon@htsd.us 


    Period 3       nw7lpmn Mrs. McConnell RMcConnell@htsd.us 

    Please note Period 3 -   "November, Whiskey, 7, Lima, Papa, Mike, November"


    Period 6/7                  Mr. Gess GGess@htsd.us

    If you are Full Remote and not signed up on Google Classroom Period 6/7 - email Mr. Gess.  ggess@htsd.us 


    Period 10    enur2g7    Mrs. Ireland lireland-mckinney@htsd.us 

    Please note Period 10 -  "Echo, November, Uniform, Romeo, 2, Golf, 7"







    PLEASE...remember to wear correct attire for Physical Education class.  Many activities are not safe without proper sneakers. To assure safety and participation for all students, everyone must wear sneakers on the correct days.  Physical Education T-Shirts must be worn during PE days.  If students forget to wear appropriate attire, points may be deducted from their grade and they may not be able to participate.

    THANK YOU!!!





    Drivers Education Google Classroom Code 




    Period 1:   kqubbxn

    Period 6/ 7 - pmok2fp



    Period 6/7 es5usic

    Period 10 - omkbxtl



    Stay Healthy!