Buckminster Fuller, creator of the "Knowledge Doubling Curve," noted that, until the year 1900, human knowledge doubled approximately every century. By the end of World War II, human knowledge was doubling about every 25 years. Today, on average, human knowledge doubles every 13 months. What does this mean for our students? Simply this: many of the jobs and activities they will participate in as adults have not yet been invented or even dreamed of as they approach their high school graduation. To ensure that our students are well prepared for this rapidly changing environment, twenty-first century learning focuses on key skill areas such as critical thinking and problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation, as well as perseverance.

    While embracing twenty-first century standards and expectations for college and career readiness, we remain focused on ensuring that we support the growth and success of each individual learner. One of our greatest strengths as a district is our passion for helping students grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially to become well rounded and engaged citizens. I am proud to lead such a dedicated and professional group of educators who work tirelessly on behalf of our students and families. It is both an honor and a privilege to serve Haddon
     Township in the role of Superintendent of Schools. 

    - Bonnie J. Edwards
      Superintendent of Schools



    October 5, 2018 - Recchino Turf Field Ribbon-Cutting Event During "Friday Night Lights"

    Recchino Ribbon-Cutting Recchino Ribbon-Cutting


    August 30, 2018 - Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

    Greetings Haddon Township School Community,

    I hope you are enjoying the waning weeks of summer and finding some time for outdoor activities amid the excessive heat and ever present rain showers. As a reminder, our first day of school for students will be on Thursday, September 6th and it will be an early dismissal day. Our first full day for students will be on Friday, September 7th.This has been a busy summer as we have prepared for another great school year in Haddon Township. Here are some of the highlights:

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    We have created a new district Twitter account to serve as a central hub for news, information, and sharing of noteworthy events throughout all district schools and the Board of Education. Click on the link below and you'll be the first to know important things going on around the district including when we will be closed for a snow day!


    Staff Update

    We are ready for the start of the school year! We welcomed new staff members at our Teacher Orientation Program this past week and are excited about the variety of experience and enthusiasm displayed by these newest additions to our staff. We will complete two full days of professional development for all district faculty members on September 4th and 5th and be excited to welcome our students to school on September 6th.

    Fall iPad Deployment

    All returning students in grades 4-12 will receive their iPads during the school
    day provided that the online agreements (AUP, 1:1) have been signed electronically by a parent/guardian.


    All 3rd grade students and students new to the district in grades 3-12 will be given a hard copy of our Acceptable Use Policy, 1:1 iPad policy, procedure and information packet, and an inventory sheet which must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned prior to students receiving their iPads in school. 

    May 9, 2018
    Congratulations to Mr. John Kendall for his recognition by the Camden County School Boards Association for 25 years of service to the Haddon Township Board of Education. Also recognized for his 15 years of service was Board of Education President, Mr. Robert Brown (missing in photo).
    Congratulations Mr. Kendall


    April 18, 2018

    Thanks to high school students Luke Bekier, Jason Campbell, Jason Brooks, and Jake Vernon (missing in photo) for improving the high school lower gym by building beautiful, solid oak louvered vent covers. Thanks also to Mr. Weichmann (missing in photo) for assisting the students in making this wonderful contribution to their school!

     Lower Gym Improvements


    January 25, 2018

    Congratulations to Mr. Steve Datz and our students (Kyle Dolphin, Brian Burns, and Jackson Ravelli) who presented today at the Techspo Conference in Atlantic City to educators from all across the state! They were excited to share their experiences in developing our new Coding Class at the high school and the ways in which these experiences have influenced their potential career goals. They assisted educators from other districts who are interested in developing this type of class and provided some great hands-on practice for conference participants. Thanks also to Mrs. Liz Mennig and Mr. Andrew Swiecicki for all of their support and assistance with this presentation.

    Lunch for Techspo Presenters


    January 2018 - Reorganization Meeting  

    Congratulations to our new board members: Dan Carson and Kellie Hinkle! Together with John Kendall, they were each sworn in for a three year term. Congratulations also to newly elected President Bob Brown and newly elected Vice President Jim Lex!

    BOE 2018


    Haddon Township staff members completed two days of professional development on September 5th and 6th to prepare for the first day of school on September 7th. These two days included faculty and departmental meetings, workshop presentations, and mini courses. Teachers also participated in a "Welcome Back Challenge" that encouraged branching out to work with our newer staff members. The competition was spirited and prizes were awarded to our top teams. Our staff is ready and excited to welcome our students back to school on September 7th!

    Completion of Referendum Projects and Community Day Celebration

    After two years of construction, our referendum projects to improve district buildings are largely completed! Our community has always been proud of its true neighborhood schools and these projects have enhanced existing spaces, as well as added some much needed new spaces. On-going construction in our neighborhoods, however, has caused some challenges for our friends and neighbors so we wanted to celebrate this milestone with our entire Haddon Township community. 

    To achieve this goal, we held a "Community Day Open House" on Saturday, June 3, 2017. All district school buildings were open to visitors for guided and self-guided tours. Some of our students created videos of the new spaces in use by students and staff that we posted throughout the buildings. At each school, we were on hand to speak with community members, answer questions, and guide visitors.

    We thank everyone who gave so much time on a Saturday to staff this event: our board members, district administrators, PTA members, custodial staff, and students. Feedback has been quite positive and we hope that our friends, neighbors, new parents, and alumni who stopped by the Open House enjoyed seeing their new and improved community schools!