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    Haddon Township School District  
    Staff forms
    Click here for bSwift Benefits Portal training session 
    Benefit Information and Enrollment Forms
    Click here for AmeriHealth PPO
    Click here for AmeriHealth New Jersey EPO
    Click here for NVA vision 
    Click here for Delta Dental 
    Click herefor Benecard Rx
    Click here for Premium Sharing Chart
    Click here for HTBOE Health Claim Issues Forms
    Click here for AmeriHealth Wellness Program Brochure

    Benefit Waiver Information and Enrollment Form
    Click here for 2021-2022 School Year Waiver


    Flexible Spending Account (FSA) - Open Enrollment for 2021 is in Nov/Dec 2020
    Click here for FSA 2021 Information Booklet

    Click here for 2021 FSA Enrollment forms

    Click here for MBOS registration instructions (Access to info regarding your PENSION)

    Other Benefits
    Click here for information on 403B Universal Availability Notice and Providers
    Click here for Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
    Click here  for Summer Savings Enrollment Form (Teachers Only)
    Click here for SUMMER SAVINGS Address Change Form

    Leave of Absence Information and Forms
    Click here for FMLA Fact Sheet
    Click here for FMLA application
    Click here for FMLA Physician Certification forms for yourself
    Click here for FMLA Physician Certification forms for a family member
    Click here for the link to file an online claim for NJ Family Leave Insurance Benefits
    Click here for NJFLA fact sheet

    Other Forms

    Click here for Change of Name/Address Form
    Click here for 2021 FEDERAL W-4 to change marital status/ deductions
    Click here for STATE W-4 to make any changes such as increasing deductions