•  In the interest of clarifying the selection process for membership to the HTHS Athletic Hall of Fame, the Executive Committee would like to offer the following information, drawing mostly from the Hall of Fame’s bylaws, found elsewhere on the website.



    Anyone may suggest a candidate/team for induction to the Haddon Township High School Athletic Hall of Fame to the Executive Selection Committee.

    Nominations are submitted either through the online submission form on the Hall of Fame web page (under the “Athletics” tab on the Haddon Township High School web page – hths.haddontwpschools.com) or by using the pdf form from the website and sending that form to the indicated address.

    Nominations ideally should come from outside sources, although recently we have created an ad hoc committee to make nomination recommendations to the Executive Committee, based upon consultation with coaches and alumni.

    When a nomination is received, the Corresponding Secretary of the Executive Committee will send that nominee a request for his or her resume.  Resumes are kept on file by the Executive Committee and reviewed annually prior to selection processes.


    The Executive Committee shall review all nominations on a yearly basis and shall, by a majority vote, select up to five (5) eligible candidates for each individual category (decades, team, coach/community member). These candidates shall then be submitted to the Selection Committee.

    Depending on whether or not more nominations and resumes have been received, names forwarded to the Selection Committee may often be repeated from one year to the next.  No nominee is removed from eligibility if he or she simply was not chosen at a previous balloting.

    The Selection Committee will then individually rank the top three candidates in each category by Australian ballot, (with three being highest and one being the lowest).  All votes of the Selection Committee members shall be given equal weight. 

    As mentioned elsewhere in the bylaws, the Selection Committee may be comprised of no more than three members from the Executive Committee; otherwise its members are people who have been and are familiar with Haddon Township High School athletics.  This committee meets to discuss the Executive Committee’s finalists for the upcoming induction class, then each member ranks those candidates as he or she sees fit.

    The chair of the Executive Committee shall receive the ballots and present the rankings from the Selection Committee to the Executive Committee.

    Until the Executive Committee’s September meeting, there is no announcement of the result of the Selection Committee’s voting.  The Executive Committee Chairperson provides the Executive Committee with the final tabulation for its final approval.


    The top vote getter shall be inducted.  A nominee must receive 2/3 of the vote of the Executive Committee in order to become an inductee. The highest vote getter shall be notified at the September meeting, if the inductee declines, the next highest vote getter shall be presented to the Executive Committee, and so on.

    This final phase is procedural and ensures that all steps have been properly adhered to. Once all those selected have been notified and have accepted their selection, formal announcement may be made public through the website and the high school athletic department.